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Cant See the Order From / Quote Form or Price List


You are here because you can not see the ORDER / QUOTE form that is displayed at the bottom on the product page that you were in. All our product pages have a ORDER FORM just below the Price - see example below.


If you cant see a order form similar to this on the PC Product page that you were on, it simply means that the browser that you are using has block the JAVASCRIPT that allows this form to be displayed.


We have listed steps below on how to fix this issue in some of the most commonly used browsers.



1. Click on the <> icon that is displayed on the right side of the address bar - please see picture below with black circle


2. Click on Always allow JavaScript on https://supertechcomputers.com.au and then click on done.


Once you have done this, reload / refresh the page. if you still can see the order form then you will have to close Google Chrome and re-launch it.

If you still have issues then please call us on 1300 89 15 30 or 0403 326 639




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