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Trading Computer

FREE and fast freight of this TRADING PC to  most suburbs Australia including Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast & Sydney.

$25 freight to Darwin, Hobart & Launceston



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Available from 9/05/2022


i7 trading pc trading pc intel trading computer

Trading pc with multi monitor


Want to buy a PC for trading shares or FOREX? A trading PC is often referred to as a Trading Station. Our best selling trading pc is even better value for money now - It now has the latest Intel 12th gen i7 - 12 core CPU. If you want a faster trading PC, then you have the option of the faster 12th gen i9 12900 (F) CPU as well.

This  i7 Trading PC is a step up from our standard Share Trading PC. It features a Solid State Drive (SSD) for extra responsiveness and the latest GeForce GTX1650 Graphics card. This custom built Trading PC is capable of running multiple screens. It can display on up to 3 screens by default or even 8 monitors by simply by taking the additional graphics card upgrade offer.

This fast i7 Trading PC is ideal for share trading, day trading, Forex, Futures Trading, Swing Trading, Bitcoin trading, Bit coin mining and Position Trading. If you want a trading PC with 8 monitor support then we can upgrade this trading PC to handle 8 monitors as well. Best pc for Metatrader 4 (MT4), BLOOMBERG, Metatrader 5 (MT5), NinjaTrader, thinkorswim or Tradestation.


PC Name :

Trading PC


12th Gen Intel i7 CPU 12700F

Motherboard :

ASUS TUF Gaming Motherboard with Intel 600 Series Chipset

RAM : 32GB Gaming RAM with Heatsink
Solid State Drive : 1TB M.2 SSD
Graphics Card : nVidia GeForce GTX1650
Cooling : High Performance Tower Air Cooler
CASE : Quiet / Silent Series Professional case
Display Option : Can display on 3 monitors by Default or up to 8 by upgrade
Price : $2500

See full specifications below or click here to go to ORDER FORM



Best i7 Trading computer Australia





11th Gen i7-11700 F CPU

Normally, this PC for share trading comes with a 11th gen i7-11700F CPU, but we are currently offering FREE UPGRADE TO -

Intel 12th Generation Core i7-12700F CPU - 25M Cache, up to 4.90 GHz

12 Cores

This fast desktop Trading PC is powered by the latest 12th Gen 12 Core Intel Core desktop processors - the most powerful generation of Intel® Core™ desktop processors.

Superior Performance When You Need It*. Multitasking Like You’ve Always Wanted.

12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors—a generation like no other before it. With unprecedented new performance hybrid architecture, 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors offer a unique combination of Performance and Efficient-cores. And that means real-world performance, intuitively scaled to match whatever you’re doing1.

The Performance-core is Intel’s highest performing CPU core ever. And it’s designed to maximize single-thread performance and responsiveness for compute intensive workloads like Charting and 3D design. The Efficient-core delivers multithreaded performance for tasks that can run in parallel (like image rendering), along with efficient offload of background tasks for modern multitasking.

So that Performance-cores and Efficient-cores can work seamlessly with the operating system, Intel built Intel® Thread Director right into the hardware2. Automatically monitoring and analysing on-the-fly, Intel® Thread Director guides the operating system, helping it place the right thread on the right core, at the right time. And it does it all dynamically, adapting scheduling guidance based on actual computing needs, not on static rules.



i9 trading PC Performance Upgrade Option

Fast i9 Trading PC

Intel 12th Gen

i9-12900 (F)




Performance Upgrade - Want to buy a fast i9 desktop pc for trading? Upgrade to the Latest Intel 12th Gen i9 12900 (F) CPU.

16 Cores (8 Performance & 8 Efficient) - for Maximum multi-tasking and performance.

See upgrade price on order form below.

The 12th Gen Intel Core™ i9 12900 (F) desktop processor family puts you in control of your trading platform experience with 16 Cores. It features an innovative new architecture for reimagined performance, immersive display and graphics for incredible visuals, and a range of options and technologies for enhanced tuning. When these advances come together, you have everything you need for fast-paced professional work, elite gaming, inspired creativity, and a fast PC for trading. The 12th Gen Intel® Core™ desktop processor family gives you the power to perform, compete, excel, and power your greatest contributions.



ASUS motherboard for trading PC





Motherboard ASUS TUF GAMING Motherboard with Intel 600 Series Chipset

While most other PC manufacturers use standard motherboards on their Trading computers, we use ASUS TUF GAMING Motherboards.

When only the best will do - ASUS TUF Series motherboards are built to survive and thrive on every battlefield. Infused with the military spirit of The Ultimate Force (TUF) and styled to strike fear into the hearts of every enemy, this TUF ASUS Trading PC is the perfect foundation for your trading needs with the durability to handle multiple upgrades for the campaigns of tomorrow.

TUF Gaming PC motherboards are specially designed and tested to survive and thrive in conditions where other boards would struggle. Engineered with highly durable components, these motherboards deliver unwavering stability for trading sessions that last as long as you demand.

Military-grade TUF Components: TUF LANGuard, TUF Chokes, TUF Capacitors, and TUF MOSFETs for maximum durability

TUF Protection: SafeSlot, ESD Guards, DDR4 overvoltage protection, Digi+ VRM, and stainless-steel back I/O for long-term reliability

ASUS is the world's foremost pc motherboard manufacturer for trading stations, renowned for our unique Design Thinking approach. Our exhaustive testing exceeds industry standards, supported by high-quality components for exceptional real-world protection. Our PC motherboards are proven to be compatible with more than 1,000 components and devices, and each new model undergoes a minimum of 8,000 hours of strict validation. ASUS gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your trading PC motherboard is fit for all environments and applications. By choosing ASUS, you also gain the freedom to select outstanding component options, for best PC experiences.



Trading PC Adelaide




Normally this trading PC comes with 16GB RAM, but for a very limited time we are offering free upgrade to - 

32GB Dual Channel Gaming RAM with Heatsink

Heatsink on the RAM keeps the RAM cooler and thereby increases its performance and life.

We use A-Grade RAM in all our trading computers such as G.SKILL, Crucial, Corsair and Kingston.


      best trading PC


Buy fast pc for trading station

Hard Drive

Normally this trading PC comes with 500GB SSD, but for a very limited time we are offering free upgrade to - 

1TB (1000GB) Solid State Drive (SSD)  (NVMe - PCIe / M.2)

While other PC manufacturers use standard SSDs on their Trading computers, we use NVME SSDs. NVMe provides 3x the performance of a standard SSD with quicker loading times, less power consumption and lower heat.

We use A-Grade Samsung, Gigabyte or Kingston SSDs on all our trading computers.

Trading computers need speed and reliability.  No moving parts results in a quiet, cool, highly-rugged solution that offers up to 35x faster system responsiveness1 than traditional hard disk drives. Boot time, application launches, file loads, sleep recovery, benchmarks; each activity is faster. Low power consumption & up-to 100% longer life. From running a virus scan to rendering video clips - everything is faster with a SSD.



GeForce Trading PC Graphics Card - GTX1650


nVidia GeForce 4GB GTX1650

The GeForce® GTX 1650 is built with the breakthrough graphics performance of the award-winning NVIDIA Turing™ architecture. It’s a supercharger for today’s most popular trading applications.

Featuring concurrent execution of floating point and integer operations, adaptive shading technology, and a new unified memory architecture with twice the cache of its predecessor, Turing shaders enable awesome performance increases on today’s applications. Get 1.4X power efficiency over previous generation for a faster, cooler and quieter experience that take advantage of Turing’s advanced graphics features.

Easily upgrade your PC and get ready with performance that’s up to 2X the GeForce GTX 950 and up to 70% faster than the GTX 1050 on the latest apps.

Ideal PC for Metatrader 5 (MT5) or NinjaTrader or BLOOMBERG

This card supports up to 3 displays (monitors)

We use Gigabyte or ASUS Gaming Cards.



PC with 5, 6, 7 8 Monitor support setup


Display on up to 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8  Monitors.

Optional 8 monitor display


This multi display Trading computer can be easily upgraded to display on up to 8 screens. This includes upgrading the motherboard, Power Supply upgrade and additional Graphics card to allow up to 8 monitors to be connected to this computer

See option price on ORDER FORM below.



fast trading PC Australia



26th Anniversary Special Offer

Supertech Computers has been supplying high quality Trading computers in Australia for over 26 years. To celebrate our 26th anniversary, we are offering some great specials including Free delivery of this trading PC to Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Gold Coast, Hobart,  Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast & Sydney.



Meta trader 5 PC Operating System

Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 Bit

 - Fully Installed and updated

 - Latest drivers installed

 - Option of Microsoft Windows 10 Professional

 - Option of Microsoft Windows 11 Home or Professional



i7 quiet and silent trading tower



Professional Case


Professional Quiet Series Case

Want to buy a quiet / silent desktop computer for trading?

 - Corsair Professional Quiet Series Case - Corsair is a world leader in manufacturing PC parts. They are know for their quality and reliability.

- four high-density sound dampening panels

 - Sleek modernistic look with Professional looking front panel design

 - Advanced dual USB3.0 for maximum data transfer speed

 - Removable dust filter to minimise dust from entering the enclosure. (filter is easy to remove and clean)

 - Made of a thicker material so runs quieter

 - Cable management - most of the cables are hidden behind the motherboard tray - also allows for better air circulation and looks clean.

Corsair PC cases have the high-end features you need, and nothing you don’t. Designed to be the foundation of awesome professional PCs, they combine the latest technology and ergonomic innovations with lots of room to build and expand, and amazing cooling potential.



Buy cool and quiet pc for share trading



(standard with i7 CPU)

High Performance Air Cooler


High Performance Air Cooler

While other computer shops and PC manufacturers use standard Intel coolers, we use high performance Tower Air Coolers.

Not only does the CPU run cooler, the PC is much quieter as well.

This high performance Air Cooler provides the same level of cooling as a liquid cooling unit. Most people prefer Air Coolers compared to Liquid Coolers as no maintenance is required for Air Coolers.

To achieve ultra-high-efficiency cooling performance, this cooler has upgraded the heatsink with the latest 0.5 mm fins with 4 integrated sintered metal powder heat pipes to directly remove heat from your prized CPU.



buy super quiet desktop computer for trading shares


Super High Performance Air Cooling

(standard with i9 CPU)

Super High Performance Air Cooler

This CPU cooler ensures that your trading pc runs cool and quiet.

Achieve dominant cooling and silent efficiency with the DeepCool AK620 High Performance CPU Cooler equipped with six copper heat pipes stacked with a dense dual-tower fin array and two 120 FDB fans. 

Achieve peak performance on your CPU with substantial cooling capacity for high frequency overclocking. The AK620 features a maximum heat dissipation power of 260W and improved airflow to lower temperatures during demanding system applications.

Two 120 PWM fans with superior fluid dynamic bearings offer low noise operation without losing cooling output for a perfect balance.



Buy computer tower



Power Supply

The Power Supply unit is one of the most important parts in any good reliable desktop Trading PC. While other PC stores and computer manufacturers use standard or generic power supply units, we use -


Built For The Long Haul

ASUS TUF Gaming series PSUs bring military-grade components and a robust cooling solution together to create a power platform you can depend on. High-quality capacitors and chokes undergo a myriad of tests, including extreme temperatures and vibration tests, to ensure they meet rigorous military specifications. An Axial-tech fan with a dual ball fan bearing design offers more longevity than other fan types, increasing the overall lifespan of the product. It's the perfect PSU to slot into a TUF Gaming rig or any DIY build designed to power through AAA games for years to come.

The ASUS TUF Gaming 750W PSU leads in durability.

Capacitors and chokes pass demanding tests to achieve Military-grade Certification.

Dual ball fan bearings can last up to twice as long as sleeve bearing designs.

A protective PCB coating protects against moisture, dust, and extreme temperatures.

Axial-tech fan design features a smaller fan hub that facilitates longer blades and a barrier ring that increases downward air pressure.

0dB technology lets you enjoy light gaming in relative silence.

Sleeved cables leave your rig looking tactically clean.



4 monitor arm trading PC



Monitor Arm to support 4 monitors


Monitor Arms / Stand to support 4 Monitors

We can supply you with everything to get your Trading Workstation up and running including monitor arms with stand to support 4 monitors. This stand is a free standing desk stand and can support 4 x  24" &  27" monitors.

This is an add-on option at $150 + freight.

trading PC melbourne BLOOMBERG




Intel® 2.5Gb Ethernet

2.5Gb Ethernet gives your wired connection a boost, with speeds that are 2.5 times faster than standard Ethernet connections for speedy file transfers, lag-free trading, and high-res video streaming.

TUF LANGuard is a military-grade innovation that integrates advanced signal-coupling technology and premium surface-mounted capacitors to improve throughput, protecting the motherboard from lightning strikes and static electricity.



desktop trading computer



USB Ports


2 x USB 3.0

Rear USB: Total 8 ports

1 x USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 port (1 x USB Type-C®)

4 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports (4 x Type-A)

1 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 port (1 x Type-A)

2 x USB 2.0 ports (2 x Type-A)



trading PC perth




Realtek 7.1 Surround Sound

TUF Gaming audio chip protection - Enhanced electrical shielding preserves the integrity of audio signals to ensure the best quality.

High-definition audio - Premium audio capacitors provide warm, natural and immersive sound.

Audio shielding - Our specialized audio path design separates analog and digital signal domains to significantly reduce multi-lateral interference.

DTS Audio Processing enhances gaming headset and speaker audio experiences by reducing distortion and by providing deeper bass, so games, movies and music sound better. It also allows you to customize audio settings.



buy pc for MT4 or MT5 brisbane



HDMI Port Yes
forex trading pc brisbane



DisplayPort (DP) Yes

trading pc melbourne

  FREE Lifetime Phone Support

Fully Built & Tested

Plug and Play

FREE Remote Login Support

48 Hour Test Bench PASSED

Full Manufacturer Warranty

5 Years Labour Warranty




pc for trading BLOOMBERG   good pc for trading

Why buy Trading Computers from Supertech Computers?

Supertech Computers is a Multi Award Winning computer company that has been supplying high quality new desktop trading computer packages since 1995.

With well over 26 years in the trading computer industry experience, we have the knowledge and tools to build high quality computers at a cheap price.

We always have all our trading computers in stock and and if you want to pick it up then we can have it ready within 5 hours. We offer fast delivery all over Australia - generally delivered within 1 to 3 days.

All our trading computers come standard with full manufacturer warranty, Free lifetime unlimited phone support and free remote login support.

Latest review of our Trading PC

"Thank you so much to you and the team at Supertech Computers for the excellent customer service. It is truly amazing how quick your turn around is from ordering a computer to receiving the computer as we are in a rural area and also ordered a custom made computer (Ordered 12th March and received 14th March). It has arrived in excellent condition – packaging undamaged.

I have now opened and set up our trading computer. I am blown away at how lightning fast & silent the computer is. I definitely recommend anyone looking for a trading computer to go to Supertech Computers. I have numerous charts & platforms open at the same time and there is no lag time, colour is awesome. As I don’t have a Facebook or any type of account like that, I am happy for you to put my reply on your review page.

 I will definitely buy my next computer from you.

 Thanks again





If you can't see the ORDER FORM / QUOTE FORM or the PRICE LIST below, then please call us or CLICK HERE.


Want to buy a good custom built trading computer online - Supertech Computers is a multi-award winning company that has been custom building trading computers in Australia since 1995.  We are a full service computer and technology company that caters to gamers, home users and businesses. From cheap trading computers to fast trading PCs - we have them all. We are a certified Microsoft OEM partner. This is a great PC for Forex trading, day trading or even Bitcoin mining. This trading PC is ideal for Metatrader 4 (MT4),  MetaTrader 5 (MT5), thinkorswim, or NinjaTrader.

When building trading computer, we use high quality brands such as Intel, Gigabyte, Western Digital, Kingston, Samsung and Asus to name a few. Let our highly knowledgeable and skilled consultants discuss your trading computer needs and requirements with you. So before you buy a i7 trading computer, give us a call on 1300 89 15 30 or 0403 326 639. Most of our customers use this PC for Metatrader or other trading platforms such as NinjaTrader.

At Supertech Computers we take the greatest care in every TRADING COMPUTER that we build. Our technicians check every detail before any of our gaming computers leave our stores. All our trading computers are on the test bench for at-least 48 hours and have to pass a stringent series of tests before they are sent from our warehouse to our shops.



Buying this i7 or i9 Trading computer is very easy. You can buy it online now by selecting the options that you want and then clicking on the BUY NOW button above or by calling us on 1300 891 530  or  0403 326 63.

For Supertech Computers, customer service and quality of parts is paramount. We will not compromise on quality just to sell cheap trading computers.


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All images for this trading pc are for illustration purposes only. Specifications, pricing and promotions are subject to change without notice. Please confirm all details when placing the order. errors and omissions excepted.





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